Cloud Email Security, Email Archiving

Cyberattacks no longer stop at your email perimeter.

From blended phishing and BEC attacks to insider threats and brand impersonation, the tactics are complex, the attackers relentless. You need a security strategy that’s as pervasive and persistent as the threats you work to combat every day

Using cloud email security software, companies can protect their systems from unwanted emails or malicious email threats. Cloud email security software tools detect and quarantine unwanted emails including those containing spam and bulk emails; malware, ransomware, spyware, and other viruses in malicious links or attachments; phishing and spear-phishing attempts; C-level executive impersonation attacks; advanced targeted attacks; and more. Cloud email security software may also provide other features such as email archiving, email encryption, and data loss prevention functions for outgoing email.

Cloud email security software shares similarities with secure email gateways, which are designed to protect on-premises email. Cloud email security software, alternatively, is designed to protect cloud-based email environments and does not require on-premises hardware installations.

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